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About Us

Why Online vs Traditional listings?

In today's unpredictable economy selling real estate can be a frustrating and sometimes intimidating process.

After decades of traditional real estate we have developed this revolutionary method of buying and selling homes. It is 100% transparent, (no more "HIGHEST AND BEST") and you have a team dedicated to helping you through the process whether buying or selling - Certified Online Sales Real estate agents, lenders, and support staff.

Selling property on the EZ Real Estate Offer site is faster and more efficient than using a traditional real estate listing.  It also offers many advantages to both buyer and seller

MULTIPLE OFFERS How many friends/clients have you had make an offer on a home and find out that there are multiple offers?  In traditional real estate, the listing agent asks for you to submit your highest and best offer.  Upon closing, the buyer finds out that it went for less than he would have paid for.  Both the buyer and the seller lose with this scenario.

With our online site, buyers see and are notified of all bids.  Buyer chooses when to stop bidding - never having to guess at what it will take to get his next home!  Headquarters (800) 231 0058

The Team

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