Sellers FAQ

Do I have any recourse if the high bidder backs out?

Yes! You can report the high bidder to us. If we determine the buyer is at fault, we will remove their privileges on our site. A Seller can also choose to pursue them for default.

Why online bidding?

• Simple sales process • Seller can accept, negotiate or refuse offer • 100% price transparency • Sales deadline creates urgency • You set terms of bid • No contingencies • Competitive bidding exposes the real market value

What does my approved agent do for me?

• Full MLS exposure • 1 weekend of mega open houses • Professional signage and directional signs • Professional photography and video • Extensive internet marketing presence • Full social media advertising • 24/7 access to online bidding • 24/7 access to certified real estate professional • Certified online sales support team

Can I list my property on this site?

Only approved agents can place properties on this site. If you would like to sell your property on this site, please contact our team at (800) 231 0058 or to make an appointment with one of our agents.